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Wage and hour disputes garner less attention than shoplifting

The federal minimum wage per hour is about enough to buy one meal at a Tennessee fast food restaurant. Those working minimum wage jobs often count on every penny to meet their obligations. Nevertheless, among many employers, wage and hour disputes seem to carry considerably less weight than preventing shoplifting. In fact, a recent study compared losses due to shoplifting with the loss workers feel when paid unfair wages.

Wage and hour disputes common in food service industry

In Tennessee and across the country, employment in the food services industry is often a thankless job. The hours can be long, the work is often grueling and the pay nominal. When that pay is illegally withheld, it can lead to wage and hour disputes. Recent investigations show that restaurant and food truck workers may be shortchanged on a regular basis.

Planet Fitness faces picket line during wage and hour disputes

Although many people in Tennessee love their jobs, few of them would agree to perform their workplace duties without pay. Getting a paycheck is the reason why most people look for jobs and endure what may be difficult working conditions. When employees face wage and hour disputes, either because they are not paid for the hours they worked or their employees do not pay them fairly, they may resort to drastic measures to get what they deserve.

Wage and hour disputes bring correctional officers to court

Sometimes employees need to step in and take on more work if workloads increase or staffing decreases. In some Tennessee industries, employees are scheduled for mandatory overtime and compensated beyond their usual hourly rate. Other businesses may ask for volunteers to work extra shifts for more pay. However, if employees are forced into hours beyond a full work week and receive no extra pay, they may be within their rights to file wage and hour disputes.

People don't act to improve employment because they don't know

The classic Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." While there is wisdom in expressing shortcomings, there is also harm in ignorance. A smart person may be marked by his or her ability to admit when he or she does not know something but is that always wise?

Disney learns a lesson about wage and hour disputes

Whether in Tennessee or any part of the world, wishing upon a star doesn't pay the bills. Federal law sets specific standards for minimum wages, overtime pay and wage deductions, and occasionally a company will try to save money by skimming from its workers. In a recent case, workers brought their wage and hour disputes to court, accusing the Walt Disney Co. of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Wages and hour disputes between truckers and employers

The voice of a crowd is hard to ignore. This is why class action lawsuits can be an effective way for people who are wronged to claim compensation and evoke changes. Often a single person going against a large corporation can get lost in paperwork and discouraged by the long and costly legal process. When employees with wage and hour disputes in Tennessee band together, those corporations may be more inclined to negotiate.

Hired as a contractor or an employee: What's the difference?

When an employer hires you, he or she will likely classify you as either an employee or an independent contractor. At first, you might not realize what the difference between those two classifications. In fact, you might not even know what classification your employer has technically assigned.

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