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Bus drivers settle wage and hour disputes with school district

Bus drivers have unusual schedules, and they often work at odd hours in order to drop off and pick up children at the right times. Because of these reasons, it may be easy for some Tennessee employers to underpay the men and women who work in these types of jobs. Bus drivers in another state recently settled wage and hour disputes with their school district for failing to pay them appropriate overtime pay.

Sometimes, it is necessary for employees to take decisive legal action in order to claim the full amount of pay they deserve. There are federal laws in place that protect a workers' right to fair pay, including overtime pay after working over a certain number of hours per week. When employers do not abide by the law, underpaid workers have the right to seek a legal solution to their concerns.

What should consumers know about metal-on-metal hip implants?

Hip implants are meant to improve patient mobility when the natural hip socket has suffered damage or severe wear. Patients who need a hip replacement will usually work closely with an orthopedic surgeon to determine which model is appropriate for their needs. They will also have to find out more about the procedure.

One of the options that is available for patients who need a hip implant is a metal-on-metal model. These were once thought to be the longer-lasting version of this medical device. However, it has since come to light that many of these aren't safe options.

Dry cleaner workers involved in wage and hour disputes

People who work at a dry cleaners often have to work long hours doing things that can be quite physically demanding. Tennessee workers who are employed in these types of stores know that they have the right to expect fair pay for the hours they work. The law demands that employers treat workers fairly, including paying them for overtime, when applicable, and giving them their rightfully earned wages. 

Dry cleaner workers in another state claim that they have experienced unfair treatment from their employers, particularly by not receiving fair pay for the work they've done. In response, these workers have filed a lawsuit against their employer in hopes of securing their rightfully earned overtime pay. One worker claims he worked as many as 72 hours per week without receiving overtime pay. 

Mass torts actions are one way to stop phone spam

There are probably few people in Tennessee who have not had the frustration of dealing with intrusive calls and texts from scammers, spammers and robocallers. In fact, anyone who has made a purchase online or made their phone numbers public, even through friends, can find themselves victims of a barrage of texts and phone calls. Many fed up consumers have successfully filed mass torts actions to fight the illegal spam.

Consumer advocates, including those at the Federal Communications Commission, urge consumers not to answer calls from numbers they do not recognize. However, this is becoming more difficult since spammers are cleverly using local numbers instead of 800 numbers. Some will even use the consumer's own number or obtain numbers from the consumer's contact list.

Security guards engage in wage and hour disputes

When a person goes to work, he or she has the right to expect fair pay for the hours spent on the job. Tennessee employees expect their employers to pay them for time worked, which includes overtime pay. When this does not happen, underpaid or unpaid individuals have the right to speak out about that mistreatment. Recently, security guards engaged in wage and hour disputes because of unfair pay practices and unpaid overtime.

Security guards often have to work long hours and at odd times of day. In this particular situation, one security guard was looking to get extra hours and more pay by taking other assignments from his employer. He was able to act as security at other buildings managed by his employer, but when he arrived at the place where he would be moonlighting, he had to sign in as if it was a new day. This meant his workday was starting over, and he would not receive overtime. 

Does AT&T pension plan violate ERISA?

Planning for retirement is not something a worker can do overnight. It takes careful consideration and prudent decisions to establish a fund that can support a retiree's needs as well as offer some options for the golden years. For many in Tennessee, investing in a retirement plan through an employer is ideal, especially if the plan is protected by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. However, those participants in AT&T pension plans say their company has violated the terms of ERISA.

When an employee retires, AT&T's plan pays a monthly benefit for the rest of the employee's life, starting at age 65. An employee who retires earlier than age 65 receives a reduced amount. However, this amount must be the actuarial equivalent to someone's benefits who retired at age 65. Apparently, AT&T's plan did not comply with this rule. Both single and joint life annuity recipients typically receive hundreds less per month than the actuarial equivalent.

Don't wait to seek a mesothelioma diagnosis

You've seen the commercials and read about it online. You may even know someone who is going through treatment for mesothelioma. If you have any reason to believe you may be suffering from this serious illness, it's critical to consult with your doctor.

If you have any signs and symptoms associated with mesothelioma, your doctor will conduct a physical exam with the idea of learning more about your health. For example, they'll check your body, primarily your chest, for any suspicious lumps.

Wage-and-hour disputes lead to steep fines for restuarant

Tennessee restaurant workers have the right to expect fair pay for the hours they've worked, even though they may rely on tips for a portion of their income. Despite this right, many employers take advantage of the system and fail to pay their workers rightful income, something that can be easy to do in a restaurant. Recently, workers in another state engaged in wage-and-hour disputes with their employer over this same issue. 

These employees spoke out about unpaid overtime, and they took specific legal steps to hold their employer, a popular seafood restaurant, accountable. They were successful in their endeavors, and the end result was that the restaurant was ordered to pay back earned overtime to 222 employees. The total amount owed was $238,000. 

Juul e-cig maker may be dealing with mass torts claims

At first, vaping seemed to many like a solution to their struggles to quit smoking. However, many parents in Tennessee and beyond became alarmed to learn that vaping companies seemed to be gearing their marketing toward young adults and teens who never smoked to begin with. Now makers and distributors of electronic cigarettes may be facing an increasing number of mass torts cases as health agencies link vaping with serious illnesses and death.

Hundreds of e-cigarette users have already taken steps to hold Juul, the e-cigarette manufacturer that controls the market, accountable for illnesses and deaths related to the use of vaping devices. Some consumers suffered strokes, seizures and an unexplained illnesses with severe symptoms like difficulty breathing, chest pains, vomiting and abdominal pain. About 800 people have fallen ill, and over a dozen deaths may be linked to vaping.

Tennessee bus drivers involved with wage and hour disputes

When Tennessee workers clock in and get to work, they have the right to expect fair pay for the hours worked. Recently, public transportation workers have become involved in wage and hour disputes over unpaid overtime. They have filed a lawsuit against a company from another state that contracts with the Memphis area to manage public transportation drivers.

The lawsuit alleges that the company failed to pay them unpaid overtime owed to them after working beyond their standard number of hours. They also said that the company violated their rights per the Fair Labor Standards Act. According to this federal mandate, employees who work over 40 hours per week are to be paid 1.5 times their regular pay rate. 

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