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Becoming a leader in the Tennessee legal arena

For the past 14 years, the Tennessee Bar Association’s Leadership Law program has been helping lawyers excel in the legal arena and in the community. The program is designed to outfit lawyers across the state with the information, vision and techniques they need to become emerging leaders in their respective areas of practice as well as in their home towns.

This year Anthony A. Orlandi, one of the attorneys at Branstetter, Stranch & Jennings, PLLC, will be joining 35 other lawyers from across the state to participate in the 2017 Leadership Law program.

According to The Leader, sessions will begin this month. Over the next six months, Mr. Orlandi and his fellow classmates will continue to learn about a wide array of topics related to leadership in the legal industry. Such topics include:

  • Policymaking in Tennessee
  • State court issues
  • Community service and its impact

Why Clients Should Care

Staying on the cutting-edge of constantly evolving case law is essential in every area of practice. From ERISA disputes and securities litigation to class action lawsuits, clients deserve to work with a firm whose attorneys maintain a keen grasp of current laws and precedents.

However, our law firm takes it one step further. Beyond simply keeping up with changes to the law, we equip ourselves to be the ones who guide that change. Clients can rely on us to be the trendsetters who effectively – and proactively – protect their interests, whether that be in the local courtroom or the halls of government.

To learn more about how Branstetter, Stranch & Jennings, PLLC, strives to lead the field through continuing legal education and other proven methods of success, contact our office.