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Disney learns a lesson about wage and hour disputes

Whether in Tennessee or any part of the world, wishing upon a star doesn't pay the bills. Federal law sets specific standards for minimum wages, overtime pay and wage deductions, and occasionally a company will try to save money by skimming from its workers. In a recent case, workers brought their wage and hour disputes to court, accusing the Walt Disney Co. of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act.

What is ERISA and how does it work for me?

ERISA is a group of laws made to protect people who have insurance through their employers. If an employee works for a Tennessee company that is not a government entity, and that business sponsors health insurance or other benefits, those benefits are likely governed by ERISA. ERISA does not tell an employer that he or she is required to provide benefits, but if the benefits are provided, they must meet the minimum standards set by ERISA.

Johnson & Johnson faces thousands of mass torts

The past year was not a good one for Johnson & Johnson. The massive corporation -- known for generations as one of the leading innovators of consumer products, pharmaceuticals and medical devices -- is no stranger to lawsuits. In fact, for most drug makers, mass torts are routine, as many in Tennessee know. However, 2016 saw Johnson & Johnson on the losing side of numerous lawsuits, and the company faces a backlog of claims in 2017.

Wages and hour disputes between truckers and employers

The voice of a crowd is hard to ignore. This is why class action lawsuits can be an effective way for people who are wronged to claim compensation and evoke changes. Often a single person going against a large corporation can get lost in paperwork and discouraged by the long and costly legal process. When employees with wage and hour disputes in Tennessee band together, those corporations may be more inclined to negotiate.

I'm filing for bankruptcy; is my pension at risk?

Millions of Americans are struggling financially. Between costs like outrageous medical expenses and student loans that plague people decades after graduation, it can be all but impossible for people to get out from under debt. This can be especially true after an event like job loss or divorce.

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