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Disney learns a lesson about wage and hour disputes

Whether in Tennessee or any part of the world, wishing upon a star doesn’t pay the bills. Federal law sets specific standards for minimum wages, overtime pay and wage deductions, and occasionally a company will try to save money by skimming from its workers. In a recent case, workers brought their wage and hour disputes to court, accusing the Walt Disney Co. of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Apparently, at two separate Disney resort holdings, employees were charged a costume expense that was deducted from their pay. This caused their wages to drop below minimum wage. In addition, the workers were often required to perform duties prior to clocking in for their shifts. The violations occurred between 2013 and 2017 and covered over 16,000 employees.

Disney settled the dispute by agreeing to pay back wages to those employees in the amount of $3.8 million. In addition, the company is required to train its managers and supervisors on the bare necessities of wages law and accurate record keeping for employee payroll. Agents for the company’s wage and hour division hope that the settlement alerts other supervisors in the company to review their payroll practices and ensure compliance with the FLSA.

While faith, trust and pixie dust may bring a positive resolution in a fairy tale, in realty, one must rely on experience and dedication. Many in Tennessee seek an attorney with those qualities when they have wage and hour disputes with their employers. Such an attorney will have a firm grasp of the current changes and developments in the FLSA and will work to protect an employee’s best interests.

Source: Lakeland, FL Patch, “Walt Disney Settles Florida Wage Dispute For $3.8 Million“, Sherri Lonon, March 17, 2017