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Wages and hour disputes between truckers and employers

The voice of a crowd is hard to ignore. This is why class action lawsuits can be an effective way for people who are wronged to claim compensation and evoke changes. Often a single person going against a large corporation can get lost in paperwork and discouraged by the long and costly legal process. When employees with wage and hour disputes in Tennessee band together, those corporations may be more inclined to negotiate.

One example in another state involves truck drivers who have filed a class action lawsuit against Graebel Van Lines. Truckers for the company are seeking back pay because they claim the company misclassified them as independent contractors. Because of this classification, the truckers were deemed ineligible for overtime pay, rest breaks and meal compensation. Truckers for Atlas Van Lines and Stevens Transport have filed similar lawsuits in the past.

Employees who work more than four consecutive hours are required to have a 10-minute break. Additionally, after five hours, an employee is due a 30-minute meal break. The workers for Graebel say they were not allowed those breaks mandated by state law, and they were not paid a legal wage for hours worked and overtime.

This pattern of labor law violation is common when companies attempt to save money by misclassifying employees. Having independent contractors relieves the company of many financial obligations, such as paying certain taxes and providing insurance. Meanwhile, truckers and other employees are denied the opportunity to earn an honest wage. In such cases of wages and hour disputes, workers in Tennessee benefit from the counsel and representation of a labor law attorney.

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