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Mass torts used to protect medical privacy

Medical privacy is an essential protection in Tennessee and across the country. Confidentiality of personal information and medical history is strictly protected by federal law, and breaching that trust can bring negative consequences. When companies promoting health issues accept personal information from patients and fail to protect that information, it is not just one person who may suffer. In some cases, thousands of people may be affected, resulting in mass torts and claims for compensation for any violations.

Wage and hour disputes bring correctional officers to court

Sometimes employees need to step in and take on more work if workloads increase or staffing decreases. In some Tennessee industries, employees are scheduled for mandatory overtime and compensated beyond their usual hourly rate. Other businesses may ask for volunteers to work extra shifts for more pay. However, if employees are forced into hours beyond a full work week and receive no extra pay, they may be within their rights to file wage and hour disputes.

Supreme Court considers churches -- ERISA exemptions

Since 1974, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act has protected the retirement funds of people in Tennessee and across the country. By setting minimum standards for the administration of retirement plans in the private sector, ERISA has held fiduciaries accountable for the way they manage the benefits of employees. Church-affiliated pension plans have been exempt from ERISA, but that may soon change.

People don't act to improve employment because they don't know

The classic Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." While there is wisdom in expressing shortcomings, there is also harm in ignorance. A smart person may be marked by his or her ability to admit when he or she does not know something but is that always wise?

Mass torts against Apple after security concerns

For many in Tennessee, filing a lawsuit against an international company is something they could never afford. Huge corporations have complex legal teams who often use intimidation and delaying tactics to draw out the litigation so that it will be too expensive for the average person. This is why mass torts are an effective way for consumers who have been injured or defrauded to seek justice.

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