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Mass torts against Apple after security concerns

For many in Tennessee, filing a lawsuit against an international company is something they could never afford. Huge corporations have complex legal teams who often use intimidation and delaying tactics to draw out the litigation so that it will be too expensive for the average person. This is why mass torts are an effective way for consumers who have been injured or defrauded to seek justice.

One example of a company currently facing mass torts is Apple. The multinational company is a household word for those who own Macs, iPads, iPhones, and other devices for their homes and businesses, or they subscribe to iTunes or iCloud. To go to court against a giant like Apple would be intimidating even when one’s personal security is at risk.

Recently, however, some consumers have come together to sue the company for false advertising. Apple promised that the address books of customers using iPads and iPhones would be safe from outside access. Nevertheless, researchers discovered that a number of mobile networks were able to access the address books from Apple customers and store the information without the customer’s knowledge or consent.

Millions of customers have joined in asking permission of a U.S. district court to bring the class action lawsuit to include every customer who bought certain Apple products prior to 2012. Individually, they would have no recourse. They claim Apple’s false advertising opened every customer to privacy breaches that jeopardized their security.

Apple says that allowing the class action to include all customers is overboard, but it is up to the judge to make the decision. Many in Tennessee who feel they have no remedy for injustices they have suffered may consult an attorney with experience in mass torts. It is possible that others are in the same situation.

Source: mediapost.com, “Apple Fights Class Action Over Address Book Uploads“, Wendy Davis, April 3, 2017