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Planet Fitness faces picket line during wage and hour disputes

Although many people in Tennessee love their jobs, few of them would agree to perform their workplace duties without pay. Getting a paycheck is the reason why most people look for jobs and endure what may be difficult working conditions. When employees face wage and hour disputes, either because they are not paid for the hours they worked or their employees do not pay them fairly, they may resort to drastic measures to get what they deserve.

Day laborers in another state picketed in front of a number of Planet Fitness gyms to protest the fact that they never received paychecks for the work they did. The nine workers were hired through a subcontractor to do renovations and construction on three different gyms in the area, often working from 10 to 17 hours a day and finishing at 2 a.m. The work included moving heavy fitness equipment, tiling floors and building bathrooms. When the work was complete, Planet Fitness owed the laborers over $100,000.

The gym owners claim they paid the money to the subcontractor who hired the nine men, but the subcontractor told the workers he never received any money from Planet Fitness. When the workers persisted in asking for their pay, the subcontractor allegedly fled the state. Lawyers for the gym offered a few of the workers about $19,000, but the workers say they will continue to picket in front of the gyms handing out leaflets until they are all paid what the company owes them.

Workers in Tennessee with similar issues understand how difficult it is to expect a paycheck to cover the bills only to receive less than they deserve, or even nothing at all. When employers or contractors take advantage of workers by defying federal laws for fair pay, they may face lawsuits filed either by individual workers or a class action. Workers who feel they have been unfairly compensated for their hard work can contact an attorney with successful experience representing workers in wage and hour disputes.

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