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Company agrees to repay workers after wage and hour disputes

For many in Tennessee, overtime hours close the gap between falling behind and making ends meet. Those extra hours are often sacrificed from time spent with family or much needed rest and relaxation, but some may have no choice if they want to pay their mortgages or provide for their children. This is why federal law protects workers when unfair pay practices result in wage and hour disputes with their employers.

In another state, workers at a business manufacturing steel storage structures complained that their employer took advantage of them in ways that violated the Fair Labor Standards Act. A U.S. Department of Labor investigation revealed that the company withheld overtime for employees who worked longer than 40 hours a week. Additionally, the cost of tools workers were required to use on the job was deducted from their paycheck, dropping their hourly wage below the minimum $7.25 required by federal law.

The investigation prompted the company to reimburse eight employees for the cost of tools deducted from their checks. Ninety-seven employees received backpay for withheld overtime. Additionally, the company added the same amount in damages to what they owed their employees, for a total of $717,202.

Federal laws concerning wage and hour disputes ensures that workers receive fair pay for their work. When employers ignore those laws to save the company money, their workers suffer. Fortunately, there are dedicated Tennessee attorneys who support and represent workers. Such an attorney will examine the circumstances surrounding Fair Labor Standards Act violations and defend the rights of workers being mistreated.

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