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Can employers charge workers for their uniforms?

Wearing a uniform to work makes an employee easily identifiable to customers and others who may need to recognize them. For example, nurses, police officers and maintenance workers wear uniforms so that people can locate them quickly. Many Tennessee businesses require their workers to wear some kind of uniform that identifies them as part of the staff, whether it is a polo shirt with a company logo or an apron in the color of the business trademark. However, some employees may wonder if their bosses can charge them the cost of their uniforms.

Court rules DOL changes not authorized by ERISA

Often, people preparing to make crucial decisions about their retirement investments seek the advice of their insurance agents and stockbrokers before diving into an investment plan. Traditionally, agents and brokers are in business to sell products to their clients. This is in contrast to those working as investment advisors, who, under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, are required to seek only the best interests of their clients. Tennessee brokers and insurance advisors may be rejoicing in a recent appeals court ruling that upheld the original ERISA concept of a fiduciary.

Mass torts claims hold medical device industry accountable

It seems as if medical procedures are becoming a matter of routine in Tennessee and across the country. It is almost a given that the time will come for one to have a hip or knee replaced or to undergo the implantation of some other medical device. Often these devices improve the quality of life for patients and allow them to return to normal activities that an illness or injury previously prevented. Unfortunately, another result of the increasing use of medical devices is the number of mass torts claims based on defects.

CDL drivers claim misclassification cost them benefits

Some of the most egregious examples of wage theft occur when employers misclassify their workers. By calling workers contractors instead of employees, business owners in Tennessee and elsewhere profit in various ways, such as avoiding having to provide benefits for the workers. However, one group of cartage drivers in another state has gathered to file a class action lawsuit against their employer for misclassification that resulted in a violation of their rights.

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