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Getting justice for a defective product

After they are released to the general public, many products perform as expected. However, some consumers may quickly find a product is defective, meaning it is no longer adequate or safe to use.

It’s possible that it is only your product that’s defective. In this case, the defect is likely a one-off manufacturing problem. If so, you have several options. One option is to return the product under warranty and have the money that you paid reimbursed. However, if you were injured by the defective product and would like to claim damages, you may need to file an individual product liability claim with the manufacturer.

What if the product is universally defective?

If you find that many people have been affected by the same defect, however, it is likely that the product has a design flaw. It could also be that warning labels were not clear or complete about the potential dangers of using the product.

While it’s possible that the product was intentionally created this way, it’s more likely that the defect and the associated risks were overlooked. This can be constituted as negligence, since the product’s company failed to do enough testing to ensure that the product was safe. In this case, you might want to consider filing or joining a class action lawsuit.

What are class action lawsuits?

Class action cases happen when many people in a state or across the country suffer the same negative effects of a defective product. Therefore, instead of filing many individual claims, they  work together and file a joint lawsuit against the company responsible.

If you have been injured by a product that you believe is defective, you should research whether it is a known issue, or whether the product has been subject to a recall. If the fault could have the potential to affect the whole product line and injure more people, it could be that a class action lawsuit is warranted. An attorney skilled in handling class action suits can help you make this determination.