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LulaRoe consultants join mass torts claim for refund

Those colorful leggings and flowing tunic tops seem to be everywhere. Women's fashion can thank LuLaRoe for providing comfortable clothing for any shape or size. Even more appealing is that the clothing is often distributed to and sold from private homes by neighbors and friends in Tennessee and across the country. Unfortunately, the LuLaRoe company has apparently failed to honor important terms in its contract with consultants, many of whom are joining mass torts claims.

Working off the clock leads to wage and hour disputes

The Fair Labor Standards Act protects workers from employers who may otherwise take advantage of them through wage theft. FLSA establishes a 40-hour work week, after which time an employee should be paid overtime wages. However, sometimes, Tennessee employers try to skirt the FLSA by requiring employees to work off the clock. This frequently leads to wage and hour disputes.

Mass torts involving asbestos and baby powder gain a foothold

It turns out that Tennessee and the rest of the country face a new kind of asbestos-related threat to the public's physical health. In a recent case, a man sued Johnson & Johnson for allegedly causing his cancer due to his long-term use of baby powder. A jury recently awarded him $117 million in damages in an outcome that could give birth to another chapter of mass torts claims in the United States and perhaps worldwide.  

ERISA does not cover stock plans

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act requires employers to follow minimum guidelines when they establish pension or health plans for their workers. Employees are not obligated to offer such plans, but a plan that provides retirement funds for its workers is likely protected under ERISA. Tennessee employees may be interested in the recent appeals court ruling that further defined the types of plans that may or may not fall under the protection of the federal law.

Apple users join mass torts claims to express dissatisfaction

One Tennessee consumer may feel powerless in the face of a giant corporation with whom he or she may have a grievance. If a product or device causes harm or simply doesn't live up to expectations, a single customer may shrug it off as the way things are. However, the law provides for mass torts claims for customers with similar complaints to join together against a large company that may otherwise have enough money and power to quiet the voices of the ordinary consumer.

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