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Apple users join mass torts claims to express dissatisfaction

One Tennessee consumer may feel powerless in the face of a giant corporation with whom he or she may have a grievance. If a product or device causes harm or simply doesn’t live up to expectations, a single customer may shrug it off as the way things are. However, the law provides for mass torts claims for customers with similar complaints to join together against a large company that may otherwise have enough money and power to quiet the voices of the ordinary consumer.

For years, users of Apple Inc.’s iPhones have suspected the manufacturer has been using unfair tactics to force them to purchase newer, more expensive models of their cell phones. When the new models are released, users of the older models claim to notice a definite slowdown in the efficiency of their phones. After years of denying the correlation, Apple recently admitted that its software does reduce speed on older phones, but only to prevent poor performance.

Apple claims the software only slows down certain features on phones with old batteries or under cold conditions. However, the corporation’s customers in Tennessee and across the country say it is fraud perpetrated to force them to upgrade. Fifty-nine lawsuits are now in the process of seeking class action status against the technology giant.

These separate lawsuits may have little chance of success or at least of the plaintiffs seeing any worthwhile results. However, mass torts claims allow plaintiffs to pool resources, improving the chances of a larger settlement if the action is successful. Obtaining an attorney who has experience with class action lawsuits is beneficial to a positive outcome.

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