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Court ruling affects Chipotle wage-and-hour disputes

Many workers in Tennessee and across the country already feel they have little leverage when it comes to violations of their employee rights. For years, such workers have found satisfaction in pursuing class action lawsuits against employees in areas such as systematic discrimination and wage-and-hour disputes. A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision may remove this options for certain workers, and some allegedly ill-used employees are already feeling the repercussions.

Defective products result in mass torts claims

One person in Tennessee taking on an industry is an overwhelming prospect, especially when the industry creates a popular product or is not regulated by governmental restrictions. Nevertheless, if a product begins to gain a reputation for causing injury, lawsuits may pile up. In such cases, mass torts claims or class action lawsuits may offer a better opportunity for those seeking compensation to achieve their goals.

More people suing companies over asbestos in talc powder

Naturally-occurring asbestos minerals have been used for dozens of commercial and industrial applications, from insulation to the creation of fireproof drywall. In recent years, however, use of this mineral resource has dwindled. Medical professionals have known for decades that asbestos poses a grave danger to those exposed to this mineral. However, lawmakers eventually enacted protections to limit the exposure of workers and the public to this known carcinogen.

Wells Fargo faces new accusations of ERISA violations

Wells Fargo seems determined to rebuild the trust it believes its clients once had. This monumental effort comes following reports that the bank administration forced its sales team to perform illegal and unethical practices, jeopardizing the wealth of many in Tennessee and across the country. Recently, however, new reports are emerging that the bank has violated its fiduciary duties under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, also known as ERISA.

DOL pilots program to reduce wage and hour disputes

A Tennessee worker keeping a close eye on his or her paycheck may notice a variation between the expected pay and the pay received. This discrepancy may be due to unpaid overtime, off-the-clock duties or meal breaks subtracted even if the employee continued working. If a worker wanted to file a wage and hour dispute, he or she could expect to struggle for months or years seeking satisfaction for the unpaid wages. However, a new government program may bring relief to workers and employers dealing with wage issues.

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