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Defective products result in mass torts claims

One person in Tennessee taking on an industry is an overwhelming prospect, especially when the industry creates a popular product or is not regulated by governmental restrictions. Nevertheless, if a product begins to gain a reputation for causing injury, lawsuits may pile up. In such cases, mass torts claims or class action lawsuits may offer a better opportunity for those seeking compensation to achieve their goals.

This may soon be the case for those seeking damages resulting from e-cigarette explosions. Whether the explosions originated in the lithium-ion batteries or the devices themselves, more victims are filing lawsuits to seek compensation for their injuries. However, a recent e-cig explosion may turn the tide.

A man in another state was recently found dead in his home, his body burned and his house on fire. Investigators determined that the cause of death was not the fire or the burns but a projectile wound that occurred when his e-cigarette exploded, piercing his skull. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the U.S. Fire Administration have all warned consumers of the dangers of e-cigs. In one state, at least 10 lawsuits await their day in court.

Injuries from faulty e-cigs, medical devices and other products marketed to consumers can be costly. Those in Tennessee who face a long recovery and mounting expenses may believe there is no way to obtain the funds they need to achieve a reasonable recovery. However, through mass torts claims, consumers may have an alternative for seeking the compensation they deserve.

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