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Wage and hour disputes report surprises many

Few people simply put in their time for their wages. If they have families to support, workers may also make many sacrifices for their jobs, including long hours on their feet, dealing with demanding customers and giving up weekends and holidays. Unfortunately for many workers in Tennessee and elsewhere, wage and hour disputes are common because, too often, employers treat their workers unfairly.

Wage theft is not limited to employees of fast food and sweat shops. A recent report reveals that wage theft may simply be part of the way companies do business. Some common and illegal practices include misclassifying workers, failing to pay minimum wage, forcing employees to work off the clock and denying overtime pay. Despite the fact that these corporations have paid billions in fines and class action lawsuits, they persist in their unfair practices to line their own pockets.

Walmart has long been the subject of wage theft accusations. However, the report surprised many by naming FedEx as the second most frequent wage theft offender. Banking institutions took up six spots in the top 12 on the list of offenders, including Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and investment services rounded out the top 25 corporations that incurred penalties for wage theft.

The report noted that wage and hour disputes are preventable but that the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision limiting the use of class action lawsuits may only make them more pervasive. Tennessee employees work hard for their money. When they face unjust treatment from their employers, they may find recourse by speaking with an attorney.