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Amazon pay policy causes wage disputes

Overtime hours may not be attractive to a Tennessee worker who has already spent 40 hours doing heavy, manual labor. This is why overtime pay is an important incentive and one that is protected by law. The Fair Labor Standards Act establishes guidelines to prevent employers from taking advantage of their employees by mandating time-and-a-half pay for hours worked beyond 40 each week. Unfortunately, some organizations violate FLSA and force their workers into wage disputes.

Amazon is one example of a company that has faced past accusations of wage theft, and the most recent case involves its delivery workers. One delivery driver in another state has filed a lawsuit against Amazon and a local logistics company contracted to make deliveries for Amazon. The employee claims deliver workers’ pay was based on the number of days they worked and not on a 40-hour work week. Additionally, the logistics company paid a flat rate instead of an hourly rate for each truck the workers loaded.

Because Amazon contracts numerous logistics companies, the lawsuit could become a class action case. Amazon, and not just the logistics company, is named as a plaintiff because the e-commerce giant apparently approves the hiring of workers, provides the training, owns the warehouse where the workers are employed, and establishes procedures for discipline and termination of employers. The workers also wear uniforms with an Amazon logo.

Tennessee workers have the right to seek redress when their employers violate their rights under FLSA. Wage disputes can be complex, especially if they involve multiple parties or large corporations. Having a skilled attorney as an advocate can be a decided advantage.