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Mass torts claims common regarding asbestos exposure

It is no secret that asbestos exposure places one at high risk for contracting deadly diseases such as mesothelioma. This lung cancer does not appear until decades after the inhalation of asbestos particles, and it greatly diminishes the victim’s quality of life. Those in Tennessee and across the country who discover they have contracted the disease may join others who were similarly exposed in mass torts actions against anyone who failed to protect them from the dangerous substance.

The residents of one neighborhood in another state watched helplessly as workers renovated a dilapidated factory that had been abandoned two decades before. From the earliest stages of the renovations, the residents began experiencing strange and debilitating illnesses. Some of the neighbors contacted the company doing the renovations, but the company assured them there was no danger. Plastic sheets were hung around the building to prevent asbestos dust from becoming airborne into the neighborhood, but the plastic blew and tore in the wind.

After having contacted the Environmental Protection Agency, the residents began to see workers in hazmat suits on the premises of the old factory. The owner of the building was ordered to cease the renovations, and fines were levied against him for health violations. Nevertheless, he did not discontinue the work. When the towns elected board gathered for a meeting, they heard the concerns of the citizens and assured them they were working with the EPA to bring a resolution to the problem.

Meanwhile, many of the residents are accumulating medical bills and lost wages they attribute to the asbestos and other harmful substances in the building. It is likely that there are residents in Tennessee who have similar experiences and may be able to join together in mass torts claims. Seeking the assistance of an attorney is a wise way to learn the best course of action for obtaining redress for damages caused by such dangerous violations.