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Mass torts claims growing against e-cig companies

For many Tennessee adults trying to cut back on their cigarette smoking habits, the advent of e-cigarettes seemed like a blessing. Smokers could replace their tobacco cigarettes with vape products that supposedly contain fewer toxic ingredients. They could then reduce the amount of nicotine and gradually quit smoking altogether. However, this hasn’t been the result, and mass torts actions across the country claim e-cig companies have created a whole new generation of smokers.

The class action lawsuit targets Juul, but numerous other vape companies have received stern notices from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The FDA has warned the companies that they have 60 days to demonstrate they are not targeting or selling their products to teens. More than 1,000 e-cig retailers have also been issued similar warnings.

Studies show that more teens who never smoked before are now using e-cigs, and many are addicted to the nicotine. The lawsuit claims Juul marketed its flavored liquids with the highest levels of nicotine to younger vapers by packaging them to attract kids and giving them names that resemble candy. Juul recently changed the names of two of the most controversial flavors, but the FDA maintains its concern that the company and other e-cig companies continue to lure children to their products.

A class action lawsuit, or mass torts claim, allows numerous plaintiffs who have suffered damages because of the marketing and manufacturing of e-cigarettes to join their complaints into one case. In addition to seeking financial compensation, the plaintiffs hope to obtain more stringent regulations for e-cigs to protect their children from the dangers of nicotine addiction. Tennessee residents who have suffered injuries due to dangerous products have the right to seek redress with the assistance of a skilled attorney.