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Tennessee wage and hour disputes: Seeking backpay

There are a number of individuals all over the country, Tennessee included, who have not been properly compensated for their time on the job. When this happens, these individual have every right to file wage and hour disputes regarding their employers. If such claims are successfully navigated, compensation for damages may be achieved as can back  pay for any monies that were not paid for the hours worked.

One would think that compensating employees properly would be an easy thing to do. Unfortunately, wage violations are fairly common. Some employers fail to compensate properly for overtime shifts, some do not pay employees for required off-the-clock work and some try to get away with scheduling shifts in a way that they believe allows them to pay their employees less than what they actually should — among a number of other violations.

In order to seek damages and back pay for unpaid wages, one must start by reporting the issue. The alleged violation needs to be reported to the Department of Labor. While the DOL investigates the matter, it is possible for one to file civil claims against an employer. Any legal claims must be filed within two years of the violation. In select cases, the statute of limitations may be extended to three years.

If the DOL finds a violation occurred, it may bring suit against the employer and fine the company. At the same time, private civil suits, if successfully negotiated or litigated, can result in employers paying the wages owed, damages and any legal fees incurred by the victim. In other words, it can cost an employer a lot and hold the business accountable for its actions — so it may prove worth the time and effort pursuing. Tennessee resident who are dealing with wage and hour disputes can turn to legal counsel to receive guidance on how to address the issue.