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Mass torts may result over defective or unsafe medical devices

In the United States, millions of people have had medical devices implanted within their bodies. Every year, that number grows. Every year, it seems, thousands of people come forward saying that their devices have done more harm than good. Tennessee residents who have been negatively affected by a defective or unsafe medical device may join mass torts claims against the product manufacturers and medical facilities that utilize them.

A woman in another state recently shared her story about how a metal-on-metal hip replacement has destroyed her life. At the age of 39, her doctors recommended a dual hip replacement surgery after she complained of hip pain. She was told that recovery would take a few months but it was her best bet for stopping the pain. She went ahead with the surgery and has since experienced more pain, hearing loss, memory loss, tremors and boils on her face.

According to the Federal Drug Administration, metal-on-metal devices are known to cause these and other symptoms. According to research, these symptoms are consistent with metal poisoning. Why, if this is a known issue, are such devices still being approved for use by the FDA?

The truth is, medical devices are not required to endure human trials before they can come to market. The FDA has to depend on the information they are given in order to determine if they should be approved for use. The FDA has admitted that there needs to be a change in how medical devices are approved. When it comes to metal-on-metal hips, new requirements have been put in place by the FDA and no devices of this kind are currently approved for use in the United States.

Medical devices are meant to help people, not make their lives worse. Unfortunately, thousands of Americans find that this is not the case. Tennessee residents who believe that they have had defective or unsafe medical devices implanted can turn to a mass torts attorney who can help them seek compensation for their losses.