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Construction workers at towering hotel seek fair wages

Those who live and work in Nashville have likely noticed the construction of the multi-million dollar JW Marriot hotel in the downtown area. The lush 33-story building may attract celebrities from the entertainment world, but recently it has attracted the attention of many who share the concerns of workers fighting for fair wages. While the tallest structure in downtown cost about $285 million, many workers say the subcontractors on the project failed to pay them for their labor.

Changes to FLSA could reduce wage and hour disputes

For Tennessee workers, it is critical to get fair and timely pay for work they have done. When employers fail to to pay the full amount of wages or they misclassify employees, it can lead to legal action over wage and hour disputes. Many of these disputes relate to whether certain employees are eligible for overtime pay according to the Fair Labor Standards Act. 

Current Roundup lawsuit in California could lead to mass torts

When a major company markets or sells an unsafe product, many people who either make or use their product can end up suffering. Thanks to product liability and safety laws, consumers hurt or sickened by defective or contaminated products have the right to take legal action against the company responsible for their injury or illness. Workers sickened or injured by unsafe working conditions also have legal rights.

Misclassifying employees can lead to wage and hour disputes

As Tennessee readers know, employees are legally entitled to fair wages for the work they do. Unfortunately, employers often look for ways to avoid paying by doing things such as misclassifying workers. These actions can lead to wage and hour disputes as employees often have to resort to legal action in order to secure what they are owed.

Wage and hour disputes in the restaurant industry

Readers who work in the Tennessee restaurant industry know there are many stories involving unfair wage practices in almost every type of eatery. Wage and hour disputes often arise when a restaurant owner refuses to pay workers fairly from tip shares or denies a person his or her rightful pay for hours worked. It is an unfortunately common story, but workers have the right to speak up and fight for what they deserve.

Mass torts: Lawsuit filed against game developer for illegal acts

When individuals feel that they have been wronged by companies, it can feel disheartening. However, many individuals have legal options for addressing unfair or even illegal business practices. In some cases, when numerous people are affected by the same issues, grounds for mass torts claims could exist.

Tennessee residents can seek help with wage and hour disputes

Like most Tennessee residents, you are a hard working individual and expect to be compensated fairly for your time on the job. What happens, though, when your wages compared to your hours worked do not add up? Maybe it was a simple payroll mistake, but maybe your employer is intentionally shorting you pay. Questioning employers on such matters can lead to wage and hour disputes that may require legal assistance to resolve.

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