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Changes to FLSA could reduce wage and hour disputes

For Tennessee workers, it is critical to get fair and timely pay for work they have done. When employers fail to to pay the full amount of wages or they misclassify employees, it can lead to legal action over wage and hour disputes. Many of these disputes relate to whether certain employees are eligible for overtime pay according to the Fair Labor Standards Act. 

Recently, there have been important updates to the FLSA regulations, which could have an impact on specific Tennessee workers. The U.S. Department of Labor has raised the salary threshold for employees to be considered exempt from overtime regulations. Currently, if an employee earns a certain amount, he or she is not guaranteed standard overtime pay under the FLSA. By raising the salary amount, it will mean more workers will now be able to get fair pay for overtime hours they work.

The intent of the FLSA is to provide certain employees protections by guaranteeing overtime pay, fair wages and more. The standards set forth in the the FLSA do not apply to executives, most salaried employees and other types of professionals. By increasing the set salary threshold, over one million more employees could be eligible for fair overtime pay.

It may be beneficial for employees to consider what these changes could mean for them. Wage and hour disputes often originate over disagreements over an employee’s status and eligibility for overtime pay. It is possible that these changes can provide practical benefits and reduce the need for litigation and other issues for hardworking Tennessee employees.