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Mass torts: Lawsuit filed against game developer for illegal acts

When individuals feel that they have been wronged by companies, it can feel disheartening. However, many individuals have legal options for addressing unfair or even illegal business practices. In some cases, when numerous people are affected by the same issues, grounds for mass torts claims could exist.

Tennessee readers may be interested in such a case stemming from a complaint by a person in another state. According to reports, the lawsuit was filed against Big Fish Games, Inc. and accuses the company of utilizing illegal gambling practices in its online casino games. Apparently, the company offers “free-to-play” casino games, but after players run out of their free chips, they can no longer play unless they purchase more. It stated that unlike other similar games, players do not get the chance to wait a period of time in order to receive more chips and can only continue playing through in-app purchases.

The suit also stated that the developers have utilized psychological triggers similarly used by casino operators that essentially keep people playing and paying even though they do not make significant winnings. It was stated that the company’s casino games bring in more than $200 million in revenue. The suit was filed in Washington state, which is the company’s state of operation and which has gambling laws.

Mass torts claims are often useful for helping numerous people address a single issue. This type of action may be necessary when a company or other entity causes others to suffer. If Tennessee residents feel that they have been wronged by a company, product or service, they may want to consult with experienced attorneys about their legal options.