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Wage and hour disputes in the restaurant industry

Readers who work in the Tennessee restaurant industry know there are many stories involving unfair wage practices in almost every type of eatery. Wage and hour disputes often arise when a restaurant owner refuses to pay workers fairly from tip shares or denies a person his or her rightful pay for hours worked. It is an unfortunately common story, but workers have the right to speak up and fight for what they deserve.

A wage and hour dispute involving a popular restaurant, Goodfellas Restaurant, in another state serves as a prime example of how even successful businesses may mistreat employees. A few years ago, five employees sued the business for unfair wage practices, unpaid earnings, unpaid overtime and more. This is just one example of how frustrated and mistreated employees can take on their employer and pursue what they rightfully earned. 

One of the specific ways that restaurants commonly engage in unfair wage practices is by misclassifying their workers. Classifying a worker as a different type of employee helps business owners avoid paying workers higher wages, even if they have earned them by the work they do. Restaurant workers may experience various forms of wage theft and violations of their employee rights.

Tennessee restaurant workers may find it beneficial to seek a full understanding of their rights. If a person experiences wage theft or believes he or she is a victim of misclassification or other type of mistreatment, it can be helpful to seek the guidance of an attorney experienced in wage and hour disputes. Employees do not have to fight for their rights alone.