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Class action lawsuit filed regarding lack of overtime pay

Many companies and employers require that workers carry out certain actions before fully getting their workdays underway. However, if employees are not compensated for mandatory tasks, they may miss out on pay to which they’re entitled. In fact, some workers may be owed overtime pay if certain processes require them to be on the job over 40 hours a week.

Tennessee readers may be interested in a class action lawsuit that was filed in another state with mandatory check-in processes at its core. According to reports, officers at a corrections facility must spend approximately 30 minutes each workday going through security screenings before they start their compensated duties. The screenings involve being searched and scanned before entering the prison grounds and then going through another screening process after they arrive at their designated work locations.

In addition to having to go through these unpaid screenings, workers also claim that they do not receive breaks during their eight-hour workdays. The workers hope that the suit will allow them to receive overtime pay for these mandatory screenings. The state’s Department of Corrections indicated that it was reviewing the case and would provide a response in court.

Not receiving overtime pay could potentially violate wage and hour laws, depending on the circumstances. As this case shows, it may be necessary to move forward with legal action in efforts to have a situation thoroughly assessed and a conclusive answer received. Workers in Tennessee who believe that they have not received proper compensation for their time on the job may wish to gain more information on their rights regarding this topic.