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Mass torts related to pelvic mesh could increase

For some women who have problems related to sagging organs, doctors may want to do surgery, implanting a certain type of mesh to support the displaced organ. This was a common procedure, but medical evidence seems to suggest that pelvic mesh can actually cause significant health complications and is not safe for surgical implantation. Instead of being an important advance in medicine, it is actually now the reason for some of the biggest mass torts in the history of the United States. 

Tennessee readers who may have been affected by this dangerous medical device may know that the manufacturers of the mesh have to pay out $8 billion to settle claims. These claims were brought by approximately 100,000 women. The victims claim the mesh led to health problems that included organ damage, infection, incontinence and debilitating pain. 

Just last month, a judge ordered that remaining manufacturers stop all sales of the product. However, there are some cases when using the mesh is actually the preferable medical course of action. Some say that the issue with pelvic mesh has much to do with the surgical approach, the purpose for using the mesh and even the skill of the surgeon. 

Mass torts related to the use of pelvic mesh may continue. Tennessee victims of defective or dangerous medical products will find it beneficial to seek medical guidance regarding the potential legal options available to them. An experienced attorney can help a person understand how to move forward and seek justice after experiencing negative health impacts as a result of the use of pelvic mesh.