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Wage and hour disputes: The rights of Uber employees

Employee classifications are important for many reasons. A Tennessee reader’s specific classification determines whether he or she is eligible for certain things, such as overtime pay and a standard minimum wage. Uber, the popular rideshare company, has been dealing with wage and hour disputes with its drivers over whether they are employees of independent contractors. 

Many Uber drivers state they are employees, which would allow them to claim certain benefits. However, a recent ruling from the National Labor Relations Board determined they are, in fact, independent contractors. This ruling settles this dispute, but the rideshare company still has certain hurdles to overcome regarding how it deals with employees. 

When determining whether or not a worker is an independent contractor or an employee, certain things may be taken into consideration. Some of these things include how much control the company has over the employee, how the company pays the worker, how long that person has worked for the company, and what the company provides for the employee. People who believe they are employees have the right fight for the fair compensation and benefits they deserve. 

The case with Uber is an example of what factors can determine whether a worker is an independent contractor or not. Tennessee employees who have concerns about their rights will find it beneficial to seek the guidance of an attorney experienced in wage and hour disputes. They have the right to pursue their rightful pay, but they do not have to fight for it alone. They may find that a complete evaluation of their case can help them understand the specific legal options available.