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Wage disputes can stem from violations of the law

Most Tennessee residents work with the intention of making money. Certainly, money may not be the only goal or purpose of their work, but it is undoubtedly an outcome that they anticipate and need. As a result, when employers violate the law and fail to properly compensate workers, it is not uncommon for wage disputes to arise.

Unfortunately, it can often fall to the employee who has been wronged to address wage theft. If an employer has not paid minimum wage, did not provide overtime wages to qualifying workers, did not pay workers at all or carried out other violations, employees may find themselves in the position of having to file formal complaints. If multiple workers have been affected, they may all want to band together to discuss the issue with their employer.

Of course, this direct action may not always have the desired effect. Some employers may try to explain away their actions, make false promises regarding pending compensation or even try to intimidate workers into not pursuing the issue further. However, the Fair Labor Standards Act protects wages for workers, and if an employer has violated the law, workers may want to explore their legal options.

Fear of retaliation may have some Tennessee workers hesitant to move forward with wage disputes, but if retaliation does occur, most employees have legal protections for that type of issue as well. Discussing wage concerns with experienced employment law attorneys could help workers better understand how to address their predicaments. In some cases, lawsuits may be warranted and having professional advocates during that time could prove invaluable.