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Could you and your co-workers file a mass tort over mesothelioma?

As a naturally occurring mineral substance, asbestos has long been popular with manufacturers, in part, because it is so easy to obtain through mining. Unfortunately, while there are many industrial uses for asbestos, including insulation and fireproofing, handling asbestos often proves dangerous if not fatal for workers.

People in a range of occupations can end up interacting with this potentially dangerous substance at work. Asbestos exposure has long been connected with the development of mesothelioma, a particularly aggressive cancer that attacks the lining of the organs. Many times, workplace environmental exposure to asbestos directly leads to the development of mesothelioma several decades later.

If you and multiple coworkers from your current or previous job are now dealing with mesothelioma, you may be able to bring a mass tort against your employer, in some circumstances.

Where are there adequate safety protocols in place?

Federal regulations about asbestos use tightened up in the late 1970s, but medical professionals and most scientists acknowledged the risk of asbestos to workers exposed to it prior to that. The inhalation of particulate asbestos creates inflammation and irritation that can lead to cancer after many years.

Unfortunately, many companies chose not to address the risk of asbestos dangers because doing so could cost them money by increasing their expenses or making it much harder to produce a safe product. If your company used asbestos in any way, it should have employed some kind of safety training and equipment, such as a respirator.

Unfortunately, many people with professional exposure to asbestos in factories and other industrial settings did not receive protective equipment that could have prevented their exposure to particulate asbestos. Companies that chose to ignore the potential risk to their employees may be financially culpable for the damages their practices caused their workers.

Mesothelioma compensation protects you and your loved ones

While there are treatments available, there is no actual cure for mesothelioma. Its treatments can be expensive, and the late stages of the condition often prove to be debilitating, leaving individuals unable to work and care for themselves. You can expect the condition to have a significant financial impact on you as well as on the people that you love the most.

Seeking compensation in Tennessee for your condition won’t just hold your former employer accountable. It will help you and your co-workers who join in the mass tort connect with the funds you need to get the best treatment available and ensure that there are adequate resources for the people you love. Talking with an attorney who has experience in mesothelioma mass torts can help you determine what options are available.