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Popular online shopping day leads to wage and hour disputes

Amazon is one of the most popular retailers in the country, and many Tennessee consumers use this online platform. Once per year, the company has a special shopping day, Prime Day, where it highlights sales on certain products and bargain deals that a shopper can’t get at other times. It’s wildly popular with consumers, but after this year’s Prime Week, the company is facing wage and hour disputes. 

At a facility where the company stores and ships products, almost two dozen employees say they were not treated fairly by the company. They claim that during Prime Week, the company did not pay them overtime, even though they are eligible for these benefits and they worked more than their standard number of hours. All of these workers have the night shift at this facility.

The workers filed a complaint with the Illinois Department of Labor. However, the company released a statement countering their claim of unpaid overtime. A company spokesperson stated that Amazon adheres to labor laws and pays employees fairly. The week in question involved a heat wave that made working conditions miserable, required permission from the facility manager to leave early with pay and engendered confusion over the workers’ next paycheck.

Dealing with wage and hour disputes can be complicated. It’s not easy to understand the laws that pertain to the situation or how Tennessee workers can protect their rights. This is why it can be helpful to work with an experienced legal ally regarding the appropriate course of action for the individual situation.