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Wage and hour violations can dramatically affect workers

Not getting paid can cause a number of problems for workers. In some cases, a slight hiccup with payroll may result in missing compensation or a late paycheck, but in other instances, employers may fail to properly pay their workers consistently. Not only can this cause unnecessary hardship for workers, but it can also violate wage and hour law.

Tennessee readers may be interested in penalties recently leveled against the owners and operators of five nursing homes in another state for such violations. According to reports, the workers at the facilities obtained their pay late for two pay periods in a row, and some had their paychecks bounce when they tried to cash them. As a result of the improper compensation, many of the employees left the facilities, and the operations at the nursing homes became unsafe for the patients, according to the director.

Dozens of complaints were filed with the state’s attorney general’s office regarding the violations, and as a result of an investigation, 15 citations were issued to the owners of the facilities. The penalties for the citations totaled almost $85,000, and that amount does not include the nearly $65,000 in back wages for employees. It was noted that the five facilities closed earlier this year.

Facing situations in which workers do not receive their pay on time or do not receive that pay at all can be cause for action. If Tennessee workers believe that they have been subjected to wage and hour violations, they may want to speak with employment law attorneys. These legal professionals can provide insight into specific cases and explain options for addressing the violations.