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Gas station workers involved in wage and hour disputes

Tennessee employees have right to be expect fair pay for work they have done. There are both state and federal laws in place that are intended to protect the rights of workers and ensure that employers pay fairly, but employees may still find themselves involved in wage and hour disputes. A good example of this is a popular gas station chain that was recently ordered to pay employees more than $1 million for unpaid overtime.

The dispute started when several employees came forward after they did not receive pay for overtime hours they worked. These workers were misclassified as managers, which means that they are not legally entitled to overtime pay. However, they were truly hourly employees as proven by their hours and job duties. By misclassifying employees, some companies think they can have employees work more hours without paying them for it. 

If this is happening to an hourly worker who is required to work overtime but not receiving pay for it, he or she can speak up. Workers have the right to seek payment for time they have worked. In this case, several workers who experienced the same treatment from the company brought legal action together. They were successful, and now the company must give them what is rightfully theirs. 

Tennessee employers should always strive to be fair with their workers. This means paying them promptly, classifying them appropriately and treating them fairly. Failure to do this can lead to complex and costly wage and hour disputes as employees do not have to endure this type of treatment in silence.