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Juul e-cig maker may be dealing with mass torts claims

At first, vaping seemed to many like a solution to their struggles to quit smoking. However, many parents in Tennessee and beyond became alarmed to learn that vaping companies seemed to be gearing their marketing toward young adults and teens who never smoked to begin with. Now makers and distributors of electronic cigarettes may be facing an increasing number of mass torts cases as health agencies link vaping with serious illnesses and death.

Hundreds of e-cigarette users have already taken steps to hold Juul, the e-cigarette manufacturer that controls the market, accountable for illnesses and deaths related to the use of vaping devices. Some consumers suffered strokes, seizures and an unexplained illnesses with severe symptoms like difficulty breathing, chest pains, vomiting and abdominal pain. About 800 people have fallen ill, and over a dozen deaths may be linked to vaping.

While many of the victims admit to adding THC, an ingredient in marijuana, to their e-cigarettes, others say they used only nicotine. The CDC is still investigating the rapid spread of the illness and has urged consumers to avoid vaping products for now. Some states and other countries have taken steps to ban flavored e-cigarettes. U.S. lawmakers are hoping this crisis will bring more regulation to the vaping industry.

Meanwhile, those in Tennessee who have tried vaping and fallen ill may wonder about their options. A defective product that injures many people may lead to mass torts claims when the victims join their cases into one. An attorney with experience in class action lawsuits can provide answers and guidance to those seeking justice for their injuries.