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Wage and hour disputes lead to pack pay for nursing home worker

When Tennessee workers clock in at their job or show up at their place of employment and do their jobs, they rightfully expect to be paid for their work. Each person has the right to fair pay for hours worked, yet sometimes, employers do not always respect this right. As a result, mistreated workers may have to engage in wage and hour disputes in order to secure their rightful pay.

Nursing home employees in another state recently challenged their employer when they did not get money they had earned. In this particular case, the employers violated specific labor laws by failing to pay earned overtime and meet required minimum wage. These infractions were discovered by an investigation into the activities of the nursing facilities. 

This case involved three different nursing home facilities, and they were all required to pay over $190,000 in back pay and other penalties. All three are under the authority of one parent company, which was ordered to comply with all pertinent aspects of the Fair Labor Standards Act. While legal action may seem like an intimidating option for unfairly treated Tennessee employees, this case demonstrates what can happen when employees speak out. 

When an employer fails to pay earned overtime or does not pay minimum wage like it should, employees do not have to suffer in silence. Through wage and hour disputes, they can fight for what they are owed and other damages. These are often complex legal cases, and a worker may find great benefit in working with an attorney who can explain his or her legal options and help pursue a beneficial outcome.