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Mass torts actions are one way to stop phone spam

There are probably few people in Tennessee who have not had the frustration of dealing with intrusive calls and texts from scammers, spammers and robocallers. In fact, anyone who has made a purchase online or made their phone numbers public, even through friends, can find themselves victims of a barrage of texts and phone calls. Many fed up consumers have successfully filed mass torts actions to fight the illegal spam.

Consumer advocates, including those at the Federal Communications Commission, urge consumers not to answer calls from numbers they do not recognize. However, this is becoming more difficult since spammers are cleverly using local numbers instead of 800 numbers. Some will even use the consumer’s own number or obtain numbers from the consumer’s contact list.

Unwary consumers may be more apt to answer a number that has a local area code or exchange. This can lead to confusion, especially if the person on the other end demands money or personal information. Those who receive such calls are warned to hang up and contact authorities. It may also be wise to investigate one’s options for blocking future calls.

When someone in Tennessee is receiving spam calls, texts and emails, chances are good others are receiving the same harassment. Fighting robocalls or other spam may be difficult for a single consumer. However, when victims of these calls work together through mass torts actions, they often see changes. By reaching out to an attorney with experience in such legal actions, consumers can learn about the best options for reaching their goals.