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Security guards engage in wage and hour disputes

When a person goes to work, he or she has the right to expect fair pay for the hours spent on the job. Tennessee employees expect their employers to pay them for time worked, which includes overtime pay. When this does not happen, underpaid or unpaid individuals have the right to speak out about that mistreatment. Recently, security guards engaged in wage and hour disputes because of unfair pay practices and unpaid overtime.

Security guards often have to work long hours and at odd times of day. In this particular situation, one security guard was looking to get extra hours and more pay by taking other assignments from his employer. He was able to act as security at other buildings managed by his employer, but when he arrived at the place where he would be moonlighting, he had to sign in as if it was a new day. This meant his workday was starting over, and he would not receive overtime. 

By splitting his work hours in this way, his employer was able to avoid paying him time and a half, even though he worked as many as 16 hours in a day sometimes. There are reports of other employees receiving the same treatment. The employer alleges he is being targeted by the union. 

Frustrated workers are seeking back pay by taking legal action. Their case demonstrates that it is sometimes necessary to engage in wage and hour disputes to get the full amount of pay deserved. If a Tennessee worker suspects that he or she is underpaid, it may be helpful to seek the opinion of an experienced employment law attorney.