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Wage-and-hour disputes lead to steep fines for restuarant

Tennessee restaurant workers have the right to expect fair pay for the hours they’ve worked, even though they may rely on tips for a portion of their income. Despite this right, many employers take advantage of the system and fail to pay their workers rightful income, something that can be easy to do in a restaurant. Recently, workers in another state engaged in wage-and-hour disputes with their employer over this same issue. 

These employees spoke out about unpaid overtime, and they took specific legal steps to hold their employer, a popular seafood restaurant, accountable. They were successful in their endeavors, and the end result was that the restaurant was ordered to pay back earned overtime to 222 employees. The total amount owed was $238,000. 

These workers were supposed to make time and a half for overtime hours they worked. Instead, they were only paid regular hourly wages. An investigation into the restaurant’s practices revealed that the management and owners violated the Fair Labor Standards Act. This is a federal law that protects specific rights of workers, including the right to overtime pay. The restaurant also kept false records and failed to take into account incentives earned by workers when calculating wages.

Wage-and-hour disputes are complex, and workers may not feel like they have the ability to speak out about what they experienced. In reality, speaking up and taking action can be successful, and Tennessee workers may be able to secure what they rightfully earned. If a person suspects unfair wage practices, it may be appropriate to reach out for help regarding the potential legal options available.