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Bus drivers settle wage and hour disputes with school district

Bus drivers have unusual schedules, and they often work at odd hours in order to drop off and pick up children at the right times. Because of these reasons, it may be easy for some Tennessee employers to underpay the men and women who work in these types of jobs. Bus drivers in another state recently settled wage and hour disputes with their school district for failing to pay them appropriate overtime pay.

Sometimes, it is necessary for employees to take decisive legal action in order to claim the full amount of pay they deserve. There are federal laws in place that protect a workers’ right to fair pay, including overtime pay after working over a certain number of hours per week. When employers do not abide by the law, underpaid workers have the right to seek a legal solution to their concerns.

In their claims against the school system, disgruntled drivers claimed the district used the way the pay system is divided as a way to underpay on overtime and fail to pay some drivers for performance bonuses. Many drivers who did the math after receiving their checks found that they were not paid correctly. Some of them claim they worked as many as 50 hours per week and did not get their elevated pay rate for the extra hours.

Wage and hour disputes can be complex. It is not easy to confront an employer over unfair treatment and underpayment of overtime pay. If a Tennessee employee believes that he or she has grounds to move forward with a claim, it may help to first discuss the case with an experienced attorney.