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Dry cleaner workers involved in wage and hour disputes

People who work at a dry cleaners often have to work long hours doing things that can be quite physically demanding. Tennessee workers who are employed in these types of stores know that they have the right to expect fair pay for the hours they work. The law demands that employers treat workers fairly, including paying them for overtime, when applicable, and giving them their rightfully earned wages. 

Dry cleaner workers in another state claim that they have experienced unfair treatment from their employers, particularly by not receiving fair pay for the work they’ve done. In response, these workers have filed a lawsuit against their employer in hopes of securing their rightfully earned overtime pay. One worker claims he worked as many as 72 hours per week without receiving overtime pay. 

The Fair Labor Standards Act is a federal statute that demands employers to pay overtime to eligible employees at a rate of time and a half. Failure to do so could be grounds for legal action. In this particular lawsuit, a claimant says he worked 10 hours per day or more doing things like talking with customers, answering the phone and packing clothing for pick-up. Despite working long hours doing all of these things and more, he said he never received overtime pay. 

Wage and hour disputes can be complex and difficult to navigate, especially if the employer is disputing these allegations and fighting back. Tennessee employees who believe they have grounds for legal action have the right to pursue their rightful pay, but they do not have to face this fight alone. It may be helpful to seek legal guidance from an experienced professional who understands the FLSA and employment law.