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Public servants fighting for fair pay in wage and hour disputes

When a person goes to work and does his or her job, that person is entitled to fair pay for the work. Whether a person works at a gas station, in a retail store or for the local government, every person in Tennessee has the right to expect fair treatment and timely wages from employers. Unfortunately, public servants may experienced situations where it is necessary to engage in wage and hour disputes to get the pay they’ve rightfully earned.

In another state, a firefighters’ union had to move forward with legal action against the local government for this reason. They claim the city has not paid them for overtime hours for which they should have received time and a half. These public servants provide an invaluable service to the public, often at great personal risk, and they deserve to be paid for the time they’ve worked. The claim against the city stated that the government failed to abide by federal fair wages standards.

The battle for unpaid overtime stretched out over several years. However, recently the city agreed to settle the dispute and pay for the union’s legal fees. The workers will receive a settlement of $1.5 million to go toward their unpaid overtime. While this is a victory, the city maintains that it disagrees with the allegations brought by the union.

As this case illustrates, wage and hour disputes can be lengthy and complicated. They may even take years to settle. This should not deter Tennessee workers from fighting for justice, and they can start this process by reaching out for experienced legal guidance.