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Wage and hour disputes lead to big payout from McDonald’s

America’s largest fast food chain has recently paid tens of millions of dollars to settle a lawsuit brought by disgruntled employees over wage theft. The class action lawsuit was brought against the burger giant several years ago by restaurant workers in another state who claimed that McDonald’s was trying to get around overtime laws. This settlement illustrates what can happen when employees take action when facing wage and hour disputes.

The lawsuit stated that the company was trying to get around federal overtime laws that guarantee fair wages for certain types of employees who work over a certain number of hours per week. They also claimed that the restaurant was denying workers timely breaks and doing other things to treat workers unfairly. There are both Tennessee and federal laws that protect workers’ rights to fair pay and treatment while on the clock. 

In a statement from the company, McDonald’s maintains that it did not treat workers unfairly or contrary to laws, but it wants to settle the lawsuit so all parties can move forward. It claims that it provides training and does other things to ensure that franchise owners pay workers fairly and follow the law. Regardless, this settlement represents a victory for those who spoke out against unfair treatment.

Wage and hour disputes can be complex. Tennessee workers who believe they are facing unfair treatment have the right to speak up and speak out. Through lawsuits and other courses of action, it is possible to hold employers accountable for the way they skirt the law and fail to pay workers their rightful wages.