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New laws could lead to more wage and hour disputes

Tennessee employers are responsible for paying their employees fairly and following employment laws pertaining to minimum wage and overtime. When they do not do these things, employees may find it necessary to take legal action against the people who employ them. With a new federal overtime rule going into effect soon, it's possible employers could be subjected to more wage and hour disputes this coming year. 

Cintas Corporation faces allegations of ERISA violations

The fiduciaries of a company's retirement plan have a serious duty to oversee and manage the plan's portfolio and funds to ensure the plan meets the best interests of its participants. According to the terms of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, fiduciaries may not make decisions regarding the plan that may harm the financial well-being of the participants or make changes without notifying the participants. Tennessee residents may be watching closely as employees of one company file a class action lawsuit against the fiduciaries of their retirement plan for alleged ERISA violations.

Overtime pay at the center of many wage and hour disputes

When a person goes to work, it is natural to assume that person will receive appropriate pay for time spent on the job. Unfortunately, that is not always something that happens, often because employers attempt to underpay on overtime wages. For many types of Tennessee workers, overtime work should earn time and a half. Failure to receive fair pay for overtime can result in wage and hour disputes.

Wage and hour disputes: Tennessee paramedic sues in federal court

One Tennessee paramedic has taken legal action after his employer allegedly failed to pay overtime wages to him and others who work in his field. He claims that Montgomery County violated the overtime pay laws as set forth in the Fair Labor Standards Act. By initiating these wage and hour disputes against his employer, he hopes to secure his rightful pay and prevent this from happening to others who serve the public.

What should consumers know about the mass torts process?

When a consumer product causes a person harm, a Tennessee victim may be unsure of where to go from that point and how to proceed with the appropriate legal steps. The mass torts process allows many victims of the same harmful product to file a civil claim against the offending party. The civil claims process can be complex, but it offers injured victims a way to seek damages for monetary damages the incurred or may incur in the future. 

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