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New laws could lead to more wage and hour disputes

Tennessee employers are responsible for paying their employees fairly and following employment laws pertaining to minimum wage and overtime. When they do not do these things, employees may find it necessary to take legal action against the people who employ them. With a new federal overtime rule going into effect soon, it’s possible employers could be subjected to more wage and hour disputes this coming year. 

Only certain types of workers are eligible for overtime pay. People who earn over a certain amount are not eligible to claim overtime even if they work more than 40 hours per week. The federal government recently raised the income limit, which means that more people may now be able to claim overtime. After changes in the law, employees who earn up to $684 per week or $35,568 per year should get time and a half for each overtime hour worked.

Employers are responsible for knowing the law and properly implementing it. This means that even if they are not aware of the federal pay regulation changes, they are still liable for inadvertently underpaying employees. Failure to adhere to the law could result in insurance complications and legal claims.

Wage and hour disputes can be complex. Tennessee employees do not have to fight for fair pay alone, and they may find it beneficial to work with an experienced attorney during this process. With the right help, it is possible to successfully hold employers accountable for unfair pay practices and secure compensation for earned wages and other damages to which an employee may have a rightful claim.