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Overtime pay at the center of many wage and hour disputes

When a person goes to work, it is natural to assume that person will receive appropriate pay for time spent on the job. Unfortunately, that is not always something that happens, often because employers attempt to underpay on overtime wages. For many types of Tennessee workers, overtime work should earn time and a half. Failure to receive fair pay for overtime can result in wage and hour disputes.

Overtime pay is at the center of many legal disputes involving fair pay. One recent case that illustrates this point involves farmworkers that took legal action against their employer for failure to pay them properly. The farm is family owned and also has packing facilities, and an investigation found that the company failed to pay workers rightfully earned overtime pay. This is a breach of federal law.

Ultimately, the farm was ordered to pay over $100,000 in back pay for overtime hours. The Fair Labor Standards Act states that eligible workers must receive time and a half for hours worked over their standard number of hours in a week. As Tennessee has many family-owned farming operations, this serves as a reminder of how all employers, no matter how big or small the company, are required to follow federal standards regarding pay.

Wage and hour disputes are sometimes necessary in order for a worker to get the pay deserved. If a worker believes that he or she did not get overtime that was earned, it is appropriate for that person to take legal action in order to seek back pay. An assessment of a person’s case can clarify what legal options may be available.