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Wage and hour disputes: Tennessee paramedic sues in federal court

One Tennessee paramedic has taken legal action after his employer allegedly failed to pay overtime wages to him and others who work in his field. He claims that Montgomery County violated the overtime pay laws as set forth in the Fair Labor Standards Act. By initiating these wage and hour disputes against his employer, he hopes to secure his rightful pay and prevent this from happening to others who serve the public.

The lawsuit against the city was filed in October after the man claimed he was not paid overtime, even after working more than the standard 40 hours per week. The claim includes allegations that the county’s actions to underpay him were intentional and willful. The lawsuit also asserts that there are others who work for the county who are also dealing with unpaid overtime.

The man claims that at each point of his career with the county, he has been a nonexempt employee. This means that, by law, he is eligible for overtime pay. For any overtime hours he works, he is entitled to claim time and half per hour. He states that at some points in his job as a paramedic captain, he has had to work as many as 120 hours over a two-week period. He claims this has happened more than once. 

When a Tennessee employer fails to follow the law, an employee has the right to speak out. Wage and hour disputes can be complicated, but workers have the right to seek a beneficial outcome to their cases and pursue their rightful pay. After experiencing unfair treatment, a worker may want to first seek an assessment of his or her case to understand the specific legal options available.