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What should consumers know about the mass torts process?

When a consumer product causes a person harm, a Tennessee victim may be unsure of where to go from that point and how to proceed with the appropriate legal steps. The mass torts process allows many victims of the same harmful product to file a civil claim against the offending party. The civil claims process can be complex, but it offers injured victims a way to seek damages for monetary damages the incurred or may incur in the future. 

One example of a mass torts claim is the case against Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturer of baby products. Many people claim that the company’s products have resulted in personal harm to themselves, specifically leading to the development of cancer. Mass torts are becoming more common as it is now more common for products to slip through the FDA’s screening process. This means risky and potentially dangerous products are on the market.

Mass torts are essentially personal injury claims involving multiple people who suffered similar injuries because of the same product. With more claimants, it is easier to bring definitive evidence against the company and prove that a product is harmful. These types of cases can be extremely complex, but they offer a way for individual victims to seek justice and hold those parties believed responsible parties accountable.

A Tennessee consumer who believes he or she has a claim against a company will find it beneficial to discuss his or her concerns with a mass torts attorney. An assessment of the case can determine what legal options may be available. Working with an experienced legal ally can make the entire process less stressful.