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Mass torts claims possible for asbestos in schools

When Tennessee parents send their children off to school, they hope their kids will be safe as they learn. Naturally, some parents may have concerns about their children contracting flus or other illnesses from their classmates. Unfortunately, parents may have more to fear than they realize. In fact, parents across the country may be considering mass torts actions in light of the discovery of asbestos in their children’s schools.

Currently, parents in another state are watching anxiously as officials deal with asbestos dangers in two public schools. Exposed asbestos was located in numerous areas in the buildings, including pipe insulation, crushed floor tiles and damaged insulation. At least one classroom contained an imminent hazard, which may mean asbestos particles had already become airborne.

Asbestos exposure is known to be the direct cause of mesothelioma and other forms of lung cancer. These slow-developing diseases may not manifest for decades after exposure, and there is no known cure. School officials in this case have apparently been concerned about asbestos in school buildings for a number of years. The schools are closed indefinitely to students and teachers.

Even though these school closures are happening in another state, it is no secret that older school buildings in Tennessee likely have asbestos that could be a danger to students, teachers and staff members. Children and teachers who spend many hours a day and months in a year inhaling contaminated air may develop deadly diseases that can cut their lives short. Many who suffer from asbestos exposure seek answers by reaching out to a skilled attorney who has experience in mass torts actions related to asbestos exposure.