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Wage and hour disputes lead to backpay for manual laborers

No matter what type of job a person has, he or she has the right to seek fair pay for hours worked. A Tennessee employer’s failure to do this is not only unfair treatment toward employees, it is also against the law. Many employees are eligible for overtime pay, but employers may only pay them a flat rate for all hours worked. An underpaid or unfairly treated employee has the right to engage in wage and hour disputes in order to secure their rightful pay.

A concrete finishing company in another state was recently under investigation for underpaying employees after an investigation into its pay practices. At the conclusion of the investigation, the company had to pay four different employees tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid wages. The employer failed to pay workers for traveling to and from job sites, and the company also failed to pay these workers for overtime hours worked.

The investigation revealed that the company did not have clear practices in place for tracking travel time and overtime hours. This makes it very difficult for an employer to properly pay workers. Not only did this company violate the Fair Labor Standard Act’s overtime regulations, it also failed to adhere to regulations regarding proper record keeping. 

Tennessee workers deserve fair pay for all the hours they worked, whether it’s traveling to and from job sites or during overtime. If a person believes that he or she did not receive fair pay, it may be appropriate to move forward with legal action. Wage and hour disputes are a way to ensure employers are accountable for illegal pay practices.